WP7 Contrib – we made it!

All I can say is that Ollie and myself are super excited that after a number of months we have finally brought toghether all bits and shaped them into something that we are ready to release. We are very much at the start of this journey with a long road ahead so we would really like to hear your feedback, comments on new features coming and of course any contributions that you can make. The WP7C was intended for WP7 however there is no reason why you could not use some of the more general pieces in your SL App today.

WP7 Contrib (WP7C) has been something that started I thinking about after working with Simon Ransom on a WP7 App for the WP7 launch showcase. As with the majority of bleeding edge projects time was tight and although we both use SL in our day jobs there were a number of issues that we hit and as time went on and more people got there hands on devices then we started to see these same issues coming up as common problems that people were facing when developing on the device. Most of these issues are well documented now so I am not go into more details here but we will cover these off in a number of the up and coming posts.

Our vision for WP7C is to provide a useful set of tools so that we and now you can use in order to help build your applications quicker. You can head over to http://wp7contrib.codeplex.com/ and download the latest release. You can also read about  high level descriptions for each of the components that can be found in WP7C for completeness I have listed them below as well.

  • Caching – provides a set of caching services that will help with implementing caching
  • Collection – provides a set of collections that have additional bits added to them to help with common tasks
  • Common – provides helpers; base classes and serialisation bits
  • Communications – provides support for common networking problems
  • Messaging – provides a useful messenger extending MVVM Light’s messenging interface
  • Services
    • Location
    • Logging
    • Navigation
    • Resources
    • Settings
    • Storage
  • View – provides a number of great controls for building the UI.
    • Behaviors
    • Binding Listener
    • Converters
    • DateTimePicker
    • Extensions
    • Helpers
    • Orientation
    • Sliders
    • Themes

Stay tuned for more posts on how to use the WP7Contrib and always I look forwards to your comments.

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