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WP7Contrib – FindaPad and the fastest list in the west

FindaPad is the first App to be built from the ground up using the WP7Contrib. In fact, the process of building FindaPad led to the creation of the WP7Contrib. FindaPad is a property searching experience that provides users with the ability to view the available properties in a chosen area and also allows users to […]

WP7Contrib – Bing Service Wrapper Part V Imagery

The Imagery Service provided by the Bing Maps Rest Service is quite beastly as it supports a large number of permutations that can be requested from the endpoint. In order to successfully wrap up these calls we have encapsulated the url templates used and provided by the service. As with Routes there are a number […]

WP7Contrib – Bing Service Wrapper Part IV Location Simplified

Based on feedback around my first post in this series of talking about how to use Location I thought that I would revisit how you can use this really cool bit of stuff in your app. When I first wrote the original post it was much more bare bones however, there were lots of unanswered […]

WP7Contrib – Tombstoning Part II The View Model

In the last post I introduced the idea of separating the tombstoning into two separate responsibilities, the View and the View Model. Each has a different responsibility; the View for specific information to enhance the User Experience and the View Model for databound properties. Last time it was all about the View so now its […]

WP7 Contrib – Bing Service Wrapper Part I – Location

This being the first post about the Wrappers I thought that we should break the ice with the most commonly used service. Location. Out of all of the services this is the simplest to call but also we would suspect the most widely used. When you combine this service with the device location based WP7C […]

WP7Contrib – Page Transitions and Navigation Service

I finally got around to updating the page transistions in wp7 contrib last week, its something that has been on my list for awhile. For a complete sample project check out the sample in the spikes folder where you can also find lots of other samples illustrating other tennants of the contrib. The transitions used […]

Who ate all the pies!!

My current project has taken me on an interesting journey of late and so I thought that it would be helpful to share with you some of my experiences and of course some code. I have been taking a look into charting on WP7 there is a good round up here of the different toolkits […]

WP7 Contrib – When messaging becomes messy and services shine

In a previous post I introduced you to the Last Message Replay Messenger, in this post I wanted to dig into something that happened recently where I needed to provided the ability in the application for the user to add an item to a favourites list. Ok so fairly straight forwards, however there was a […]