uk tech.days 2011

This week Ollie and I will presenting at the UK tech.days happening in the Fulham, London.

Our first session will be all about building Data Data Intensive apps for WP7 and we are really looking forward to talking to you about what we have learnt building these types of applications. We are also going to show off bits from the WP7 Contrib that help to make building these types of applications easier. It’s going to be a demo packed session so hold on for a rollercoaster ride. We are making avaliable all our demos before the session so if you are attending and interested you can download these from the skydrive link at the bottom of the post.

My other session obviously will be about using Blend =P  and the title of the session is aptly named “Expression Blend for Silverlight Developers”.

The session is broken down into 3 sub sections; designer developer collaboration; Blend quick fire tips; and the main part, building out an app from a Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator visual design into a functional Silverlight app. This session is aimed particularly at developers who are just starting out with Blend, however even if you have been using Blend for a while there should be plenty of refreshers.

Now, I had thought about doing

“… this is how I create a button in Blend, and oh look I can make it into a circle and bounce across the screen…”

as much as I love attending these sessions and love the buzz afterwards sometimes it can be difficult to relate the content to a problem you may currently be working on.

Up on skydrive you will find; the .psd file I am going to use; an unstyled version; and a completed version that is styled. There is still plenty more to do so the scope is open and hopefully you will be able to use this as a reference point for future apps that you build. Therefore, I thought that it would be an interesting idea to see how attendees if they so wished can use the session as a hands-on Blend training hour, and if you want to participate then you can. Otherwise you can sit back and watch how we build a static vector graphic into a functioning app.

If you are planning on attending and would like me to cover off anything in particular I will do my best to make it happen, otherwise I would be more than happy to chat during the event, if you can bring code or have a scenario that would really help me understand the context of your questions.

You can find all of the goodies up on the sky drive folder.

See you there!


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2 Responses to “uk tech.days 2011”

  1. Saw the talk yesterday at the uk tech day – very impressed, you can read as much as you like but seeing an expert actually using the tool really drives home both how powerful Blend is, as well as how much time I’ve been wasting messing about trying to do things directly in xaml!

    Al Mackenzie
  2. Agree with the previous post – I was very impressed. I have always been reasonably aware if the results that Blend can achieve but was totally oblivious to the ability to take something static and turn it into something that works so effectively. When I saw the progress bar created from two vector reactangles in a matter of seconds my head nearly exploded.

    Steamed Clams.

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