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Who ate all the pies!!

My current project has taken me on an interesting journey of late and so I thought that it would be helpful to share with you some of my experiences and of course some code. I have been taking a look into charting on WP7 there is a good round up here of the different toolkits […]

WP7 Contrib – When messaging becomes messy and services shine

In a previous post I introduced you to the Last Message Replay Messenger, in this post I wanted to dig into something that happened recently where I needed to provided the ability in the application for the user to add an item to a favourites list. Ok so fairly straight forwards, however there was a […]

WP7 Contrib – the last messenger

As you may already be aware the WP7C uses MVVM Light as its preferred MVVM framework. Laurent has a great implementation of a Mediator style pattern that he has aptly name the Messenger. What I really like about this is the simplicity when it comes to implementing the baked in messages and how you can […]

WP7 Contrib – Customising the DateTime Picker

As you may already be aware there are two controls in the WP7 toolkit that provide the standard interactions and UI for selecting time and a date. Personally these are 2 of my favourite controls mainly due to the transitions and simple UI. However….. What happens when we are building an application that needs you […]

WP7 Contrib – we made it!

All I can say is that Ollie and myself are super excited that after a number of months we have finally brought toghether all bits and shaped them into something that we are ready to release. We are very much at the start of this journey with a long road ahead so we would really […]