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WP7 Contrib – Bing Service Wrapper Part I – Location

This being the first post about the Wrappers I thought that we should break the ice with the most commonly used service. Location. Out of all of the services this is the simplest to call but also we would suspect the most widely used. When you combine this service with the device location based WP7C […]

uk tech.days 2011

This week Ollie and I will presenting at the UK tech.days happening in the Fulham, London. Our first session will be all about building Data Data Intensive apps for WP7 and we are really looking forward to talking to you about what we have learnt building these types of applications. We are also going to […]

WP7 Contrib – When messaging becomes messy and services shine

In a previous post I introduced you to the Last Message Replay Messenger, in this post I wanted to dig into something that happened recently where I needed to provided the ability in the application for the user to add an item to a favourites list. Ok so fairly straight forwards, however there was a […]

WP7 Contrib – the last messenger

As you may already be aware the WP7C uses MVVM Light as its preferred MVVM framework. Laurent has a great implementation of a Mediator style pattern that he has aptly name the Messenger. What I really like about this is the simplicity when it comes to implementing the baked in messages and how you can […]

Its a POC don’t worry about the data…

In the last post my aim was to start a conversation around the advantages of building a visual data model. But this is a POC ? Why would you do this? Well its an interesting question and I am sure that there are folks out there who like to build prototypes and POC’s in this […]

JC Decaux and Tag Heuer Surface Application deployed to Heathrow T5

This is really the start of a number of posts that I have been meaning to put together for a while now. These are centred around how to rapidly build prototypes. It’s a technique that I use on a regular basis both for WPF and for Silverlight. In order for me to get across how […]

PDC09 – Meet the Griffs Code drop

Ian and myself really enjoyed presenting our pre conference session  “Getting the most out of Silverlight” and we both hope that you enjoyed the sessions. The slide decks will be posted at some point by the event team and I will update the post when this happens so that you can get copies of the […]

MVVM, design time data, and Blendability

With the introduction of design time data support in Blend I thought that I would try and take advantage of using design time data and MVVM. For a while now I have been using Ninject, with a Service Locator Pattern to provide the ability to build WPF and Silverlight apps in an MVVM pattern where […]